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Job Title:LACC Full Time Faculty - Associated Clinical Sciences/Diagnostic Imaging Department
Employer:Southern California University of Health Sciences
Job Description:This position is primarily responsible for teaching in the classroom and/or laboratory setting. The faculty member is responsible for applying their expertise to develop and deliver courses that improve the learning outcomes of our students. In addition, the full time faculty member will actively participate in departmental and general faculty meetings, student remediation, open labs, and perform additional duties as assigned by the Department Chair, working in collaboration with the College Deans. The full time faculty member will also be required to assist with the diagnostic imaging needs of the University Health Center as needed. Some teaching responsibilities may be outside the Department, as appropriate and as assigned. Scholarly productivity and intra- and extra-institutional service, through participation in college and/or university committees, graduations, and other assignments, are key components of this job.
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Date submitted:2020-03-04 12:06:54